Eastwest Adult Driving School

t In-Car Lesson and Road Test:

We provide one-on-one driving lessons and teach safe driving habits. We prepare students for the following aspects of driving throughout the lesson.

  • Parallel parking
  • Lane change
  • Emergency brake
  • Right and left turns
  • Traffic signs and laws
  • Right of way (2-way and 4-way stop signs)
  • Signals
  • Backing in a straight line
  • Proper speed
  • Coming to a smooth stop
  • U-turns
  • Freeway Driving
The goal of the driving test is to determine your ability to safely operate a vehicle and obey traffic laws. The test takes about 20 minutes. 

You will be graded on your ability to:
  • Control the vehicle
  • Observe traffic
  • Maintain vehicle position
  • Use signals
  • Back in a straight line
  • Parallel park
  • Approach intersections
  • Turn
  • Stop in regular traffic conditions
Becoming a safe driver is an ongoing process